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We enjoyed an amazing morning with our friends from College Farm Nursery. We took part in a drum circle, made musical instruments from junk and enjoyed lots of chat!

The afternoon class made great soup, too! It was so warming in our tummies on such a cold day. Well done, everyone!

On a cold Winter's day, home-made soup tastes so delicious! Especially when the morning class have helped to make it! Great chopping everyone!

The afternoon class enjoyed making birdcake too! The boys and girls loved squishing all the ingredients together! Let's hope the birds enjoy their feast!

We made birdcake! We used raisins, peanuts, birdseed, cheese and lard. It was very messy but the morning class didn't seem to mind at all!

Essie's dad, Ben, very kindly made a fabulous mud kitchen for the nursery children to enjoy: as you can see, they are loving it! Thanks so much, Ben!

Original artwork by former pupil Jonathan McHugh

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