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The Enormous Crocodile - Freeze Frames


While studying Roald Dahl's The Enormous Crocodile, the pupils of P5G performed freeze frames to show the Crocodile's clever tricks. Take a look at our fabulous freeze frames!

The Enormous Crocodile - Predicting the Ending


In groups, P5G worked together to predict the end of The Enormous Crocodile. Some of our suggestions were extremely creative!

The Enormous Crocodile in the Hot Seat!


To finish our study of The Enormous Crocodile, we completed a hot-seating activity. Each pupil wrote three questions to ask the Crocodile, and several pupils had the opportunity to act the role of the Crocodile in the hot seat. Some excellent questions were asked and all of the "Crocodiles" acted the role tremendously!

Photographing our School using iPads


See "World Around Us" sub-page.

Sun Personification - Mind Maps


As part of our "Creating Images" topic, Primary Five were learning about personification. We thought about how we could personify the sun by giving it human characteristics. Take a look at our thoughts.

Original artwork by former pupil Jonathan McHugh

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