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We enjoyed parachute games with nursery rhymes in PE time.

The afternoon class loved looking for signs of Autumn on our walk

The children in the morning class loved our Autumn walk!

Planting a herb pot (PM Class). We planted chives, thyme and mint

Planting a herb pot (AM Class). They smelled very strong!

Week 4 intake: our afternoon class is now complete

Week 4 intake pictures: our morning class is now complete!

Week 3 intake: afternoon class. Settling in

Week 3 intake: morning class. Settling in

Week 2 intake (PM Class): Busy boys and girls!

Week 2 intake (Morning class): We are having fun!

Early days in nursery: week one intake (afternoon class). Nursery is fun!

Early days in nursery:Week one intake (morning class). We are very busy boys and girls!

Original artwork by former pupil Jonathan McHugh

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