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R.E. and P.D.M.U.

Welcome to P5G's R.E. and P.D.M.U. page!

Here you can see what P5G are doing in R.E. and P.D.M.U.;


  • Personalised Crests
  • Friendship Flowers

Personalised Crests (P.D.M.U.) - The pupils of P5G created personalised crests using their own interests and achievements. Then, everyone wrote a short paragraph explaining their crest. The finished crests are excellent and show how talented and unique the pupils of P5G are!

Friendship Flowers - As part of Anti-Bullying Week 2016, the pupils of P5G decided to think of characteristics and qualities of a good friend. We made a mind map as a class and then we wrote down our favourite word on a card petal. These were then stuck together to make flowers which help remind us what a good friend should be like!

Original artwork by former pupil Jonathan McHugh

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