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Aly Harte Art Workshop! 👩🏼‍🎨 🎨 P6S had a visit from Belfast artist, Aly Harte. She taught the boys and girls different techniques for using soft pastels. In the end each child created an abstract piece of art displaying our very own Richhill Castle! We even used a photo dating back to the 1920s as part of our 90th anniversary celebrations.

Viking Gods and Goddesses! After learning about some of the more famous Viking Gods and Goddesses, we decided to create our own. We drew them by hand and then used the app ‘PicCollage’ to display them on a poster.

Today Primary 6 used the GeoBoard app to try and make tessellating patterns. We chose simple 2D shapes and tried to fit them together to create a pattern which left no gaps.

Goodbye Jeanie!😭 Today P6S said goodbye to the wonderful Jeanie Graham after five fantastic weeks of PDMU. Today’s final session focused on being a good friend and being there for those closest to you. The boys and girls realised how much easier it is to drag someone down than to build them up, before finishing with an inspirational video of Olympian Derek Redmond. Thank you, Jeanie!

Today we used the app ‘GeoBoard’ to create symmetrical patterns. We used challenge cards to build up our confidence before having a go at a Symmetrical Santa challenge!

PDMU with Cheryl Cole! Today the kids acted out scenarios based on the appropriate responses to to being bullied or attacked outside of school.

P6S searched for 2D shapes around the classroom and used the app ‘Explain Everything’ to import photos, draw on lines of symmetry and add written information. Great fun in Numeracy!

The P6S longboat, handmade in the classroom and named ‘The Danish Devil’. A job well done!

The P6S longboat, handmade in the classroom and named ‘The Danish Devil’. A job well done! 1

On Friday we finished our Literacy unit ‘Animals on the Move’ by creating group posters to show which animal we believed makes the toughest migration.

WOW! Two beautifully presented pieces of homework. Date written and ruled ✅ correct processes ✅ borrowing shown ✅ set out neatly ✅ The standard has been set, keep it up P6S!

GILFRESH returned today to show us how our vegetables that we planted in May had grown. Some huge cabbages on display!

PDMU with Jeannie Graham - the effects of smoking.

Original artwork by former pupil Jonathan McHugh

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