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Word Building

Writing for a purpose - sending a postcard

Liz Weir, a local author, came to visit our school during Book Week. We enjoyed listening to her stories!

We enjoyed looking at the books during our Book Fair!

Writing sentences independently in the Writing Workshop!

Researching information on penguins in our class library!

After reading the book, The Giant Jam Sandwich' by John Vernon Lord, we made our very own jam sandwich in the playground using old sheets for the bread and our red school coats for the jam. We also had a visit from a stray wasp!

Working on Syllables

Following Instructions

Browsing in the Library
Acting out the story of,'The Little Red Hen'
Getting to know Kipper's Family
Compound Words
Going on a Word Hunt
Word Building
Practising our names in flour
Playing Snap

Original artwork by former pupil Jonathan McHugh

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