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Literacy- finding mistakes in the story. Pupils recognised the incorrect verbs and discussed the correct past tense verbs. 

Literacy- we worked together to extend the sentences on the IWB. 

Art- pupils created their own 'Journey on a Cloud.' They used watercolours and oil pastels to create their own unique pictures. 

Literacy- discussing characters and using adjectives to describe them. We changed the descriptions of Jack and the Giant. We have described Jack as bad and the Giant as friendly! 

PDMU- exploring the need for bright, reflective clothing when walking or cycling. Pupils tested a range of clothing. Look at our brilliant models! 

WAU- we explored the life of Grace Darling. Click on the link below to watch the video clip we watched in school. The class enjoyed finding out about the exciting events in her life and how she helped others at sea. 

WAU- use freeze frames to showcase key events in the life of Grace Darling. 

Literacy- pupils were hot-seating and creating questions for characters. We used our knowledge of Maximus and the Beanstalk. Some excellent questions were asked and answered in class. We had lots of fun!