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P7H pupils began work today to develop their coding skills as part of the Hive Hackers programme sponsored by Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC). Activities in lesson 1 were ‘unplugged’, with the children learning about the importance of algorithms and programing in coding activities. 

Decorating for Christmas!


On Monday 24th of November we celebrated 'Ditch the Dark Day'. Pupils met in at the bottom of the village to walk, scoot, or cycle to school. Everyone wore brightly coloured clothing and 'high viz' vests so that they could be clearly seen. The pupils wearing the most colourful outfits were awarded prizes.


Pupils take part in discussions, drama and group work to highlight the theme of RESPECT- respect for themselves, for each other and for the environment.



Hardy celebrated its 90th birthday on 12th November 2018. To begin the day we had a special assembly for some very important visitors- Mr Woods and Mr King, two of Hardy's former principals and four former pupils of the school. 

We all had some birthday cake.......

We challenged each other to a conker competition.....

We changed the layout of our classroom and practiced our handwriting skills. The neatest work was completed by Dean, Alicia and Abigail- Well Done!

Bubble gum was invented in 1928, the same year as Hardy opened. We practice our bubble blowing skills with some 'Bubbly'. Some pupils were very successful!

We practiced our dance moves by doing 'The Charleston' and played old fashioned playground games such as hopscotch, skipping, pogo sticks, yoyos, Jacks and kick-the-can. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

We completed our day of celebrations by having two class photographs taken. The first photograph was taken beside the copper beech tree which was planted on 12th November 1928, the day Hardy opened, and the second photograph was taken beside a young tree planted on Hardy's 90th birthday- 12th November 2018. The new tree was planted by our special visitors and our Eco Council.

Original artwork by former pupil Jonathan McHugh

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