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Term 2

Term 2b Week 5 and 6 (21.03.22/28.03.22)

Literacy - We melted chocolate and made green icing. We wrote the digraph ‘ch’ on our chocolate covered biscuit 🍊 ðŸŦ 

Literacy/Forest School - We received a letter from Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny today in the forest, she pleaded with us to help her! We were asked to design a “wolf proof” house! We got very creative with natural objects in the forest, using grass as camouflage and writing signs for the wolf to stay out. 

Ps. Do you spot the wolf in our video? 🐚 


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Still image for this video

Term 2b - Week 4 (11.03.22)

Literacy/WAU/Forest School - Jack and the Beanstalk! The GIANT made an appearance into Primary 1’s resource area this week. Jack left us a note and some magic beans to plant. We took these to the forest and enjoyed planting them! We can’t wait to see what happens ðŸŒą

Literacy - We made crowns to represent what a Queen wears for our ‘qu’ digraph! 👑 We wrote words such as quack, quick, quit, quiz. 

Term 2b - Week 3 (07.03.22)

Numeracy - BINGO!!! We created our own bingo boards by writing numbers 1-10 on six squares. Mrs Erskine called out numbers and we covered them over if we had wrote it down.

Term 2b - Week 2 (28.02.22)

Literacy/WAU - We wrote letters to someone in our house and walked to the Post Office in the village. We loved meeting Beth who helped us with our stamps, we bought a 2nd class stamp each and started the journey of our letters!ðŸ“Ū💌📃

Literacy - World Book Day! 📚 We celebrated WBD this year by decorating wooden spoons with our a character from our favourite book. Mrs Erskine was blown away with all our efforts!

Literacy - This week in our Jolly Postman book we read the the story of Goldilocks. We made porridge, it was “just right” 👍ðŸŧðŸŧ 

Term 2b - Week 1 (21.02.22)

Literacy/PhonicsWe made frozen YOGHURTS for our snack, this helped us with the the ‘y’ sound! YUMMY 😋 

Forest school/WAU - When the snow is in Richhill, PRIMARY 1 ARE OUTSIDE! ❄ïļ 


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Week 6 (07.02.22)

Numeracy - Composition of 6,7,8! We can roll two dice, add the numbers and move our counters along the number line. 

Literacy - Making JAM sandwiches for the letter ‘j’ sound! 

Week 5 (31.01.22)



Numeracy - Making 6,7,8!

Literacy - ‘h’ for headbands. We wrote CVC words on our headbands. We loved decorating these! 

Literacy/WAU/Forest School - We have been learning about POLAR BEARS all week in our literacy/WAU lessons. We thought a fitting book to take to Forest school this week would be one of Mrs Erskine’s Favourite - “We’re going on a bear hunt”. Check out our videos to see what we got up to! 


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Still image for this video

Week 4 (24.01.22)

Literacy - The ‘e’ sound. We boiled eggs and write CVC words on them. We made words like (peg, pen, den, net). Once we were ready we rolled them down the bank. The excitement was unbelievable ðŸĨš ðŸĪŠ


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Week 3 - (17.01.22)

Numeracy - We can represent, compose and form the number 7! 

Week 1 and Week 2 (06.01.22 and 10.04.22)


Forest School/WAU - The snow arrived in Richhill! ❄ïļ We got our boots, waterproof suits and coats on and hit the slope in the forest. Even Mrs Erskine and Miss McCann had a go! ðŸĪ­

Learning Through Play/WAU - We have been thoroughly enjoying our ‘Cold Lands’ topic! 

STEM/Forest School/WAU -   We searched high and low in the forest today to find some ‘ice eggs’’ the penguins had left for us. We used hot water and salt to melt the eggs!