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World Around Us

We are learning about Space.  We were finding out about stars and constellations.  We worked in groups to draw The Big Dipper!

Drawing The Big Dipper

We worked in groups to make a timeline of toys that we play with at different ages. We looked through toy catalogues and cut out the pictures.

Our Teeth Experiment

We are learning about People Who Help Us.  Mrs McNally is our school crossing patrol  She helps us to cross the road safely on our way to and from school.  Do you know what she keeps in her pocket?

We sorted fruit into two groups. Fruit that we can grow in Northern Ireland and fruit that we find growing in Africa.

We worked in teams to sort healthy food and food we should only eat occasionally.

Mrs Acheson told us about living in Kenya. She showed us photos of animals.

Our Trip to Farm Fresh.

We went to Farm Fresh to find out about fruit and vegetables and where they come from.  We saw the fruit that is in our story Handa's Surprise.