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World Around Us

We have been busy finding out about Space.

We did an experiment with toy cars to see which would go the furthest.  We had to pull the cars back to the same start position and then we measured using feet.

Keep Teddy Dry!

We did an experiment called "Keep Teddy Dry".  We had to find out which material was waterproof.  

We worked in groups to make a toy time line.  We had to cut out toys that children of different ages play with.
We did an experiment with duck eggs to see what different drinks do to our teeth.  We found out that water and milk are the kindest drinks for our teeth.  Look what happened to the Coke and juice eggs!

Our Egg Experiment

We found out about People Who Help Us in school and the village.  We had a visit from the dentist , the pharmacist and we went to visit the library.  


We found out about people who helped us in school.  

Mrs Anderson, Mrs Turner, Miss Roleston, and Mr McCrea all do different things in school to help us every day.

People Who Help Us

We worked in groups to sort safe and unsafe places to cross the road.

Grayce's mum is a dentist. She told us how to look after our teeth.

Our walk round Richhill

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Keeping Safe eBook

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Chloe and Harry worked together to make an eBook about Mrs McNally's visit to our class.

Mrs McNally told us about her job. Do you know why she always has chalk in her pocket?

We did an experiment called 'Elephant Toothpaste'.  We had to wear goggles and gloves to protect ourselves.  It was amazing how the bubbles came out of the bottles.

We worked in groups to sort fruit that grows in Africa and fruit that grows in N.Ireland.

We made fresh orange juice. It was delicious!