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Term 1b

Today Santa came to visit Hardy on a motorbike! We were so so SO excited when he spotted him in our playground! Thank you for the selection boxes, Santa! We hope you will visit us all again on Christmas Eve!

We had a birthday party to celebrate everyone who turned 5 in Term 1!

Forest School: We toasted tea cakes on the camp fire as a Christmas treat!

Learning through Play at Christmas!

Christmas has arrived in P1McC! Today the children decorated the tree themselves - how many numbers can you spot on it? Then we had an official Christmas tree light switch on - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, O!

Phonics: We practised writing the “o” sound with invisible ink. We turned the light ON and OFF to see them!

Phonics: Granny Gertrude lost her glasses - what a disaster! We made her some new ones using two “g” sounds!

Phonics: We got an invitation to a “p” party from Percy Pig! We ate pizza, pineapple and penguin bars! We even danced to some party music!

Forest School: We made stick houses for the second little pig! Some of use even used real tools very carefully!

Mathematics and Numeracy: We worked together to investigate the language of capacity!

Phonics: Did you know an aeroplane makes the same noise as the letter n? We made paper aeroplanes, decorated them with the letter n and then had great fun flying them and practicing the “nnnnnnnnn” sound!

Mathematics and Numeracy: We worked together to decide if objects in our classroom were heavy or light. Sometimes the big things were light and the small things were heavy!

Language and Literacy: We read ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and worked together in groups to make straw houses for the first pig. We had lots of fun but wouldn’t want to live in these if the Big Bad Wolf was about!

Forest School: We made houses which were big enough to hold some of the animals from “A Squash and a Squeeze”!

Phonics: We received a top secret mission to hide the ‘i’ sound from the Sound Snatcher! We used invisible ink to be extra secretive!

P.E: We are using beanbag scarves to practise throwing and catching!

Learning through Play: More “Under Construction” play

Mathematics and Numeracy: We can make 8 using two dice!

Mathematics and Numeracy: All about number 8

Mathematics and Numeracy: Some of us have LONG hair and some of us have SHORT hair.

Phonics: We hunted for dinosaurs and practised the ‘d’ sound!

Mathematics and Numeracy: All about 7!

Phonics: We received a top secret mission from Agent S...he asked us to hide the ‘s’ secret symbols all over our classroom so that the sound snatcher couldn’t find them!

Forest School: We made sets with natural materials for numbers 1-6.

Phonics: Alfie the angry alligator came to visit. We had to feed him ‘a’ sounds so he didn’t eat any children in our class!

Mathematics and Numeracy: We can order the Numicon pieces from 1-10! We discovered that there is one more hole each time!

Phonics: We discovered the ‘m’ sound with Miss McCann’s magic bag!

Learning through Play: We are enjoying the taking on the roles of builders, architects, foremen and interior designers as part of our new “Under Construction” topic!