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Term 1

Happy Christmas from everyone in P1McC!

We have worked very hard this term, gaining lots of new skills and developing our understanding in our ‘Under Construction’ topic.

Forest School: We had a Christmas treat in the forest on Monday! We made bird feeders for the birds at school who might not be able to find anything to eat in the cold weather. We developed our numeracy and fine motor skills by threading 10 Cheerios onto a pipe cleaner! We warmed up with hot chocolate and a tea cake toasted over the fire.

More super learning through play during our ‘Under Construction’ topic.

Mr Black is an architect. As part of our ‘Under Construction’ topic, he came into P1McC to tell us about his job. We all had a go at being architects and designed some super plans! Thank you Mr Black!

Forest School: The three little pigs wrote us a letter to ask us to try to build a stick house that would keep the big bad wolf out! We worked together so well, negotiating well and using lots of language from the story!

Literacy: Getting a little messy practising the formation of our sounds for the week - s and d!

Numeracy: We are learning about capacity. We can fill containers with different amounts of water. We can use the language of capacity: full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty, empty.

Literacy: We are learning to write the letters that make the “m” and “a” sounds. We can think of lots of things that begin with these sounds!

Numeracy: We are learning to form 8 and 9

“Sharing through Play” with our friends from St. Patrick’s - what a super day!

Ditch the Dark - we loved coming to school in our bright and safe clothing!

Learning through Play: Under Construction

Forest School: We enjoyed making toast on the campfire to finish our bread topic. We noticed how the heat caused the bread to turn from soft and white to crunchy and brown. We are getting even better at managing risk and staying safe at the fire. We also read a story called "Leaf Man" and made our own leaf men from Autumn leaves.

Bread Topic: Learning through Play

Numeracy: We have been learning about long and short. We sorted ourselves into two groups - short hair and long hair!

Numeracy: We can form number 7!

The World Around Us

Numeracy: We are learning to order our Numicon shapes. We have noticed that each shape has one more than the one before it!

Numeracy: We are learning to form 6 and find 6 as a quantity.

Shared Education: We explored the woodland at Oxford Island with our new friends from St. Patrick's!

Numeracy: We can form number 5

P.E: We are developing independence in getting changed for P.E. We used giant Numicon shapes to practice making sets by playing 'clumps'.

As part of our wellbeing week, we had a very exciting visit from Wandering Wild Forest School. We absolutely loved learning about and making fire, toasting marshmallows and making charcoal from willow branches. We learnt how to manage risk safely.

WAU: We have been learning all about Autumn. We found some blackberries in school and decided to pick and taste them. Yummy!

We have been enjoying our special Health and Wellbeing week. We have learnt lots about how to stay happy and healthy!

Numeracy: We can form number 4!

World Around Us: We are learning about how our environment changes during Autumn!

Numeracy: We can make sets to 3.

Numeracy: We are learning to recognise numerals and Numicon shapes to 3 using our Autumn tray. Watch out! The conker shells are spiky!

Numeracy: We are learning to form number 2.

Numeracy: Using multi-sensory activities to practise the formation of 0 and 1

Our High Frequency Word 'the' escaped from our classroom! We went on an adventure to find 'the'!

Literacy: We are developing our listening skills and learning about the different members of Kipper's family.

Numeracy: We are learning to sort and make sets.

We love snack! We are developing our ability to be independent at the snack table.

We are settling into P1 life so well. We are developing skills and making friends through play!