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Term 1a

Forest School: We investigated how a slice of bread changed when we held it over the heat of the fire. Yummy toast!

WAU: Making bread, just like the Little Red Hen!

Mathematics and Numeracy: All about Number 5!

Learning through Play in Autumn

Forest School: This week our special number was 4. We hunted for 4 leaves and threaded them onto string to make a necklace!

Literacy: We followed instructions to make a jam sandwich! Yummy!

The Little Red Hen’s friends came to visit us! We were very excited but tried hard to be gentle with the chicks! πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

Mathematics and Numeracy: Finishing repeating patterns

Forest School: Reading 'Leaf Man' and making our own leaf people in the Forest!

Mathematics and Numeracy: Copying repeating patterns

Thank you for the lovely apples for snack!

Mathematics and Numeracy: Number 3!

Forest School: Mark-making with mud paint!

Language and Literacy: Hunting for the cheeky word which escaped from our classroom - the!

Mathematics and Numeracy: Shape Hunters!

Mathematics and Numeracy: Sorting for one criterion

Language and Literacy: Developing our fine motor skills and pincer grip, getting ready to write!

Learning through Play: Bread topic