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Exciting events 😊

Congratulations to a P4M girl who generously donated her hair to The Little Princess Trust. Well done 😍

Well done to everyone in P4M on getting their Sticks Stars certificate from Christine Russell.

We thoroughly enjoyed our session online with James from the AMMA Centre who taught us all about β€˜Coding & Maths with Pixel Art’

Forest Schools....Can You Find......

We loved creating our own Environmental Game Boards

We thoroughly enjoyed our session online with Emma from the AMMA Centre who taught us all about ‘Framing Nature’ using paper cut outs and Chatterpix.

Sports Day 2021 much fun 😁

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Daily Mile Fun

Snakes 🐍 & Ladders πŸͺœ

Our Last Week of Stick Stars with CR Hockey! πŸ‘

Shared Education with St Patrick’s πŸ˜€

Week 7 Stick Stars with CR Hockey πŸ‘

Measuring in the Hardy Forest! 🌳

Week 6 Stick Stars with CR Hockey πŸ‘

Great to have fun together.

Week 4 of Shared Education online. We loved creating our Google Slide all about an endangered animal that we had researched. We started to think about layout, font size, background colour and because we are working collaboratively it was important to leave space for our St Patrick’s friend.

Measuring in the Hardy Forest!

Week 5 Stick Stars with Christine! πŸ‘

Museum On The Move! πŸ‘€

Right Angles on the Hardy Forest Floor! πŸͺ΅

NSPCC Number Day

Week 3 Shared Education - we learnt so much from the C2K Junior Newsdesk article, Going, Going, Gone! We were able to post comments about why animals were becoming extinct, what we could do to help and we discussed our favourite animal. We can’t wait for St Patrick’s to read our comments.

P4M loved exploring the Newsdesk articles today. We all had our favourites.

We all really enjoyed our Numeracy topic on area and perimeter. We enjoyed taking the learning outside into the Hardy Forest. We measured the perimeter of different leaves. We also enjoyed working out the area of shapes in centimetres squared and creating our own shapes with specific areas.

Week 2 of Shared Education 

Week 4 Stick Stars with Christine 

We took our Numeracy into the Hardy Forest. We chose a leaf and with our partner used string to find the perimeter. We also had great fun with our partner exploring the area. 

We love having fun together on the ‘bank’ 🀩

P4 started their Shared Education programme with a Google Meet. It was lovely to meet up with Mrs Smyth and her Primary 4 class. We introduced ourselves and learnt more about each other. We are looking forward to using Google for Education and exploring our Eco Warriors topic and specifically Endangered Animals together.

Week 2 Stick Stars with Christine Russell