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Ted Harrison is one of Canada's most popular artists. His love of the land and people of the Yukon has brought him national acclaim.
Wonderful images created in Ted Harrison’s style
P4 created their own game boards based on their Eco Warrior topic.  They  rewarded people for recycling, reusing items, picking up litter etc by moving forward spaces.  They punished people for throwing down litter, for not recycling, for leaving water running etc by moving backwards on the game board. They thought about the layout, design and how to make the game board attractive. Well done Primary 4 you worked well creating the boards together.
Posters created on endangered animals as part of our Eco Warriors topic.
Working together to create posters on endangered animals.

Well done to P4M receiving their Stick Stars certificates

Week 3 IFA coaching

Week 6 Stick Stars. Well done to the players of the week.

Week 2 IFA coaching

Week 5 Stick Stars. Well done to the players of the week.

Well done to the player of the month.

We love the Newsdesk! Such great information about the Arctic

Barra Best sent us our own weather forecast!

Still image for this video

We were ‘blown away’.... watch the video to find out why!

Researching formation about different climates

Well done to the ‘Players of the Week’

Stick Stars Week 3

Well done to the ‘Players of the Week’

Stick Stars hockey week 2

Our Eco Council members had a great time creating bird feeders. What a super job!

Working out what we can get with our ration coupons!

Making clocks

A New Year! Focus on the calendar

P4M walked to Richhill Library on Tuesday 4th December to hear a safety awareness talk from TADA Rural Support Network.  There was a model farm display where the pupils had to identify possible dangers.  They had to think how accidents could be prevented from happening. They answered really well and they were certainly bright on their way back after receiving a fluorescent hi-vis vest.

BARvember ... P4M learnt all about Bar Modelling.  It is a problem solving technique which draws on the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach.  It helps to visualise what the question is asking by using a series of bars.  They all really enjoyed the challenges.

P4M met up with their friends from St Patrick’s on a Thursday 15th November in the AMMA Centre, Armagh.  They completed their WW2 Scratch Junior two levelled game. Their projects are absolutely fabulous.  There will be an opportunity to view some of them at our Celebration Day on Tuesday 18th December.  There was also a tense battle with the spheros.  The Axis Powers fought the Allied Powers in a very close battle with plenty of excitement.
What a fabulous poster all about Kangaroos! We learnt so much.  We now know that a collection of Kangaroos is called a mob.  The male kangaroo is a Boomer and the female is a Flyer.  The baby kangaroo is a Joey.
On Tuesday 13th November we visited Armagh County Museum to learn more about World War 2.  We worked well in groups and tried to identify objects and suggest reasons for their use.  We found out about rationing and looked at the amount of food you were allowed.  Some us us tasted a cake made from ingredients that were available during World War 2.  The Air Raid Precaution warden’s role was explained and we even got to use an air raid siren.  As everyone had to have a gas mask we had great fun making one of our very own.
Oh wow! What wonderful creations and super decorative socks P4M had on Friday 26th October.
P4M met up with St Patricks in the AMMA centre, Armagh on Thursday 25th October. Both schools brought along fabulous backgrounds which the children had drawn and painted.  The scenes were linked to WW2 countryside, railway, Blitz and VE Day.
Scratch Junior was used to create a levelled game. Photographs of the backgrounds were taken in the app.  Sprites were edited within the app and others were drawn. The children thoroughly enjoyed creating and helping each other to code. Great progress was made and we look forward to returning to AMMA to complete this part of the project on Thursday 15th November.
Great fun was had with the Spheros. The room was set up like a battle field and one group were the Axis Powers and others were the Allies.  The Spheros were controlled using the iPad. There was definitely a battle! Great skill starting to be shown. 
Working together to draw and paint World War 2 backgrounds to use at the AMMA centre with St Patrick’s Primary School, Armagh.
Giuseppe Arcimboldo is well known for painting portraits of people made out of different types of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.
Crazy Character Algorithms Activity: An introduction to sequences of instructions

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian artist who was born in 1527.  He is well known today for painting portraits of people made out of different types of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. 

As part of our WAU topic Marvellous Me we drew our own portraits.  We were also were thinking about healthy eating so we loved creating portraits based on Giuseppe Arcimboldo's work using fruit and vegetable images. 

A great achievement! Lots of books read over the summer. Well done.