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World Around Us

Where I Live - School Symbols Mapwork


On Tuesday 3rd October, we completed a mapwork task in our school building. Everyone was given a map on which the location of symbol cards were marked. We then had to find the symbols and record them on our sheets. Everyone worked well and found the symbols.

Young Enterprise - Our City


On Thursday 5th October, P5G were visited by Young Enterprise. The activities were all linked to our current World Around Us topic of Where I Live. We studied the layout of a city, we thought about where we would build a sports stadium, we made paper buildings and positioned them in a city, we designed a new restaurant and we completed a pitch to promote a new restaurant. We had a very busy day and enjoyed the activities very much. Take a look at some photographs of our day.

"Apple Week" visit to the Palace Stables


See "Class Trips" sub-page.

A Tour of Hardy Memorial


P5G took a closer look at a very familiar building ... Hardy Memorial Primary School! We started in our classroom and the bottom corridor by looking at how the building has changed over time. We then compared the new and old parts of Hardy Memorial looking at similarities and differences. Have a look at some photos of our tour.

Photographing our School using iPads.


As part of our WAU and Literacy topics, we photographed Hardy Memorial using iPads. We photographed important places and features of our school building which could be used as part of a virtual tour. We had great fun learning about photography using the iPads.

A Tour of Richhill


On a cold November morning, we went for a wintry walk around Richhill. We looked at some of the old buildings that make Richhill such an interesting and historic place. We also had a chance to look at some recent changes in the village. Have a look at some places of interest!

Colours in the Dark


In our "Light and Sound" topic, we have been looking at colours which are visible in the dark. We coloured "t-shirts" red, blue, yellow, green, orange and white. We cut the t-shirts out and mounted them on black card. The room was light-proofed and we used torches to see which colour was most visible in the dark. Take a look at our experiment below.

Tuning-Fork Experiments


During Science Week, the pupils of P5G conducted sound experiments using tuning-forks. We learned more about how sounds are made and how sounds travel through the air. Take a look at our scientists in action!