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We are enjoying learning about money.  Next time you go to the shop ask mum or dad if you can pay for something!

We used arrow cards to help us play a game with our partners.

Numbers day


Friday 5th February was NSPCC numbers day. In our tables we played o'clock bingo, Digital and analogue dominoes and ipad games. We rotated tables so we got to play all the games. It was fun.






We are learning to tell the time. We know o'clock times and have been using the Ipads to play games and move the hands on the clock.


We have been learning the days of the week. We have had lots of fun seeing which table could put the days in order quickest.

We worked with partners to make numbers using arrow cards.  We had to make the number and colour it.

We were learning about Time on Friday. We sorted Jack's day into the correct order on the iPad game. Then we looked at our own school day. We had to sequence our activities and be able to say which things we did before school, in school and after school.



We have been learning to sort objects into different groups. We sorted children according to their armbands and lots of resources at our tables.




We are learning to take away.

Using Cuisenaire Rods to help use find the answers.

We are learning about heavier and lighter!

Teen Numbers

We played games using pattern cards and arrow cards to learn about teen numbers.  We also worked with a partner to choose numbers and put them in order from the smallest to the largest.

Bean Bag Adding Game

We had ten bean bags each.  We had to try and throw them into the hoops, then we had to use our whiteboards to write a sum to show how many bean bags we got in the two hoops altogether.

More Maths Fun!

Percy the Park Keeper has got more spots and we've been counting in twos.



The story of 5 & 6

We are reading After the Storm.  We used counters to pretend Percy the Park Keeper had the 'Chicken Pox'.  He had 6 this week, I wonder will he get any more next week!!!


Finding one more and one less

We had to roll the die, write down the number and then find one more and one less.  we really needed to concentrate!

We played 'Dikki Dikki Dox' with our partners.

Mrs Logan brought in some sunflowers from her garden.  We used them to find out about tall, taller, tallest.  We used blocks to measure the tallest sunflower.

We used squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, pentagons and hexagons to make 2d shape robots!

We worked in pairs to sort 2D shapes shapes.  We sorted the shapes with 3 sides and the shapes with 4 sides.  Do you know their names?

Making number lines & ordering numbers.

'Four in a row' game.

What's the missing number?