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Activity Based Learning- Transport (Week 4)

Activity Based Learning- Transport (Week 3)

WAU- creating cars using our designs. 

Literacy- discussing dialogue from the Princess and the Pea. We recorded what characters might say on our whiteboards. 

Activity Based Learning- Transport (Week 2)

Numeracy- subtracting using number lines. 


Numeracy- subtraction games on ActiveLearn. 

Activity Based Learning- Transport (Week 1)

WAU- creating a tally chart of the colour of cars going past Hardy Memorial. 

PDMU- our skills and talents. Pupils shared a talent or two with the class using our class owl. 

Numeracy- 3D shapes. We can identify 3D shape names and their properties. 

Literacy- we are able to identify and use verbs. 

PE- our first session in the Recreation Centre!

Numeracy- number bonds. We have been recalling our number bonds through a range of games and activities. 

Literacy- we can identify noun and proper nouns. 

Numeracy- ordering numbers. We had to order the numbers without speaking to each other! 

PDMU- Getting to know you game. A fun game with all P3 pupils. 

Our Amazing World- in groups we recorded what is amazing about the world we live in. 

Numeracy- find the missing numbers. We placed the teddy bears in the correct locations. 

Numeracy- ordering numbers correctly. We played a game called speed challenge! We quickly ordered numbers on our whiteboards. 

Literacy- revising cvc words like sat, pat, pin and tap. We used our whiteboards to record lists.