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Term 2

Yesterday, Daddy Bear left us a recipe to make a BIG bowl of porridge. We read the recipe and made some tasty porridge. We tried it and wrote down how it tasted, using our special sound for the week - y!

World Book Day - we had such a wonderful time dressing up as some of our favourite characters! Can you guess who we are? We enjoyed showing our P6 friends our costumes and looking at their “Book in a Box” projects! We also enjoyed hearing a story in the forest when we out for a walk with Goldilocks and the Four Bears!

Numeracy: We are beginning to compare sets. Today we used Numicon and wrapping paper to explore “more” and “less”.

Sharing through Play

Learning through Play: The Jolly Postman

We followed a recipe to make pancakes! They were yummy.

P1 love learning through outdoor play, even when it’s freezing cold! Did you know that when we bring snow into a warm classroom it melts? It changes from a solid to a liquid! We practised working together by making a snowman and discovered that when hills are covered in snow or ice, we can slide down them like a penguin, or in a homemade sleigh!

Wow, what an exciting day! Today, some children chose to play in our new Outdoor Play Area during Learning through Play. We had so much fun designing, exploring, building and being creative! It was a very cold day but the children showed great resilience and loved being outside, we had great conversations about the ice which we found on our tuff spot ❄️. Thank you to all the parents who have helped with our area so far.

Sharing through Play with our friends from St Patrick’s!

Learning through Play: Polar Lands topic

WAU: We made ice lollies from yoghurts. We predicted and observed how the yoghurts changed from “soft” and “runny” to “hard” and “solid” when we put them in the freezer. During play we counted out 3p and bought a lolly to enjoy for snack! Yum yum!

Numeracy: We are learning about number words!

WAU: As part of our new ‘Polar Lands’ topic, Andrew came to talk to us about his time in the Arctic. We asked him lots of questions and played a game about animals who live in the Arctic!