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Wellbeing week

Some photos from our Big Family Workout and colour run. Thanks to all the parents who helped walk us to and from the Recreation Centre and who helped change soggy socks and shoes!

Sarah joined our afternoon class too and taught us how to breathe nice and slowly and deeply. She brought her friend Monkey who gave us some great tips for things to try when we're feeling worried.

Sarah from Mini Mind Explorers taught the morning class how to give their minds a rest and relax! We practised our breathing and our listening. It was a lovely, relaxing session.

The afternoon boys and girls loved their time round the campfire! They made charcoal do draw with, and toasted marshmallows too! The children walked so nicely in a line and listened so well to all Amy's instructions. Well done, boys and girls!

The morning class really enjoyed the Wandering Wild session around the campfire. As well as toasting marshmallows, we made charcoal to draw with! It was a lovely experience and Amy was very impressed by how well the children behaved. Well done, boys and girls!

Our afternoon class enjoyed their visit from Miss Herron's P7 boys and girls, who read stories and loved to chat!

Mr Collins' P7 class came to nursery today to read stories to our morning class: it was a lovely experience.