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Term 1

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

AIice in Wonderland! P6W and P6S used their profits from the Business Beginnings project to book a trip to see the annual pantomime at Stranmillis University College in Belfast! It was so much fun!

Let Me Tell You! From people we admire, to our favourite hobbies, P6 planned and delivered a ‘talking and listening’ presentation in front of the entire class. We are an articulate and confident bunch!

One Kind Word (or else thirty!) As part of Anti-Bullying Week 2021, each pupil in P6W created a piece of WordArt for their name on an A3 sheet of paper - we then had to go round and encourage each other by writing compliments about each other’s character, skills and talents. We loved it - it’s nice to be nice!

The Crafting Crew…in P6W! Santa’s elves have got nothing on us! We have been incredibly busy working to get our products ready to sell. Quality control is one of our best attributes - watch this space!

Eliminator Challenge! Using our IZAK 9 cubes, we built a 3x3 wall using the numbers 1-9. We were then presented with a series of questions - e.g. “eliminate the number of lines of symmetry on a square”. We loved creating some questions of our own for the other groups to answer!

Business Beginnings! Today we made a start to our Young Enterprise programme which equips us with the skills needed to become an entrepreneur. Our mentor Elaine, from Asda, encouraged us to think about costing and profit margins. We can’t wait to sell our own products in a few weeks!

Numeracy in the Forest! Today we measured and compared the perimeter of a range of deciduous and coniferous tree leaves. We manipulated the string around the edge of a leave and used the ruler for an accurate measurement, not forgetting to start from zero of course!

No Pampers, no problem! Did you know the Vikings used ‘nappies’ filled with sphagnum moss? In P6, we tested and compared the absorbing power of polymer crystals from several nappy brands against that of moss found in the natural environment!

Perimeter Party! We used our rulers and metre sticks today to measure the length and width of a wide range of classroom objects before calculating the perimeter. Mr Willis even let us use calculators to add up our half centimetres!

Operation Tessellation! As part of our shape and space work, we’ve been looking at 2D shapes which ‘create no gaps or overlaps’ - we created a shape using the PART to TRAP method and we’re amazed at our outcomes!

Conscience Alley! Should David and Tucky help the German soldiers? We have been loving our class novel, Friend or Foe - today we were divided into ‘for’ and ‘against’ sides to support or contest the evacuees’ actions.

Viking Runes! We have been learning a new alphabet as part of our World Around Us topic. We translated our names and painted the symbols in black - try to decode them if you can!

IFA Coaching! We love kicking off our week each Monday with Andy - he’s been teaching us some impressive ball handling skills whilst encouraging us in our team work!

Wow! In P6, we’ve been getting to grips with Microsoft Word - we can alternate between fonts, change page colours, insert text boxes, align images, save our work appropriately and print. Check out our complete ‘wanted’ posters!

Shannaghmore Part Two: we really stepped into the (large) shoes of the Vikings today as we rowed our longboats across Castlewellan Lake. We braved our fears of heights by ascending into the sky on the high ropes!

Shannaghmore Part One: 30 excited children and 3 equally excited adults boarded a bus to Newcastle today. The first school trip post-covid and it didn’t disappoint! Bouldering banter and awesome archery!

Wanted! Our very own Vicious Vikings! We have been in the ICT suite creating ‘wanted’ posters for Vikings who have committed horrific crimes - some of the ‘rewards’ offered include bags of sheep wool, rubies and diamonds!

1, 2, 3 - FREEZE! We have started the novel ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo which documents the adventures of two WWII evacuees, David and Tucky. We created role-plays and freeze-frames to illustrate the events in Chapter 2. Great facial expressions!

Our 180 Challenge! Mr Smyth and Mr Willis put P6 through their paces as part of the school’s ‘180 challenge’ to get onboard with Rory Best and his 180-mile walk to raise funds for a very special cause close to our hearts. Well done P6!

Vikings in the forest! Our outdoor learning programme kicked off this year by working in groups to create a longboat made from natural materials found on the forest floor. We are unsinkable!

Animals on the Move! We are absolutely loving our first literacy unit on ‘animal migration’ - we’ve been gathering plenty of facts in prep for our chronological reports. Watch this space National Geographic!

Post-it! We kicked off our first WAU topic, ‘The Vikings’ by creating ‘post-its’ of what we already know about this fascinating clan. Using the ‘Post-it’ app on the iPad, our creations were captured and streamed to the interactive whiteboard for the whole class to see!