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Mr Collins' P6/7C class celebrated NUMBER DAY 2017 by doing real-life problem-solving tasks on the computers.

Izack 9

   After having a lovely Christmas holiday, P6/7C couldn't wait to revise their numeracy skills they had learnt before. Working in teams, the class had to use the varied mental maths strategies they had been taught to work through the questions asked that included multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Everyone in the class enjoyed using the program.

Izack 9

   Using the mental maths strageties learnt in class to improve speed and accuracy, P7C were able to successfully solve the puzzles that Izack 9 asked. The class worked in teams to gain the answers and enjoyed using the cubes that accompanied the Izack 9 program.

P7C Mental Addition

   In numeracy, Mr Collins P7s have been working upon mental addition skills to improve accuracy and speed. To do this, the class had to learn strategies that included breaking down numbers into multiples of ten, rounding and adjusting, partitioning and knowledge of doubles. Look how well we can do our mental addition!

Maths Madness

   Today in class Mr Collins P6/7 have been working upon mental maths skills; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each pupil was given sums, asked to work out the answer in their head and write the answer on a white board.

Go Team! Working together on Izack 9.

   Along with Mr Smyths Primary 6 class, Mr Collins P6/7 class recently worked upon solving numeracy problems on Izack 9. Each team was made up of members of both classes and were encouraged to work together to solve the puzzles. Have a look at well the teams did!