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Preparing Pathways to Fulfilling Dreams

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We made clocks! Now we can tell the time!

What time is it?

Sorting for one criterion - size

Sorting for one criterion - colour

Sorting Socks

Practical Addition


Matching numbers to their names

NSPCC Number Day

We had great fun on our NSPCC Number Day! We played Hopscotch, Bingo and Dominoes! We fished for Numbers! We played Darts and in the playground, we joined with P1W to play a game called Number Clumps! We also dressed up in clothes with numbers printed on them!

Buying ice lollies in our Polar Cafe!

Visiting our class ATM Machine to get money out to visit Santa's Grotto!

Using money to buy our snack from the cook

Missing Numbers

Finger Gym

Ordering Numbers

Practising Number Formation

Looking for patterns in the school environment

Copying, completing and creating patterns

Participating in Number Action Rhymes!

Fun with Numbers!

Sorting Activities