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Term 1

Exciting events 😊

We created amazing hearts in Forest School. We have been thinking about how we can keep a healthy heart. We used found materials to create transient art thinking about space and pattern.

We were very good at identifying activities that were good for keeping a healthy heart. ❤️

A bit of fun playing ‘Snakes and Ladders’ before writing our own instructions on how to play the game 🐍🪜

Carrying out an experiment to find how strong our magnets are and writing instructions about what we did.

Look at our creativity! We used leaves from the Hardy Forest to create pictures.

Week 2 Forest School. It was great to take our numeracy outside. We took lollipop sticks with us to measure things found on the forest floor. Every group was able to create an impressive Carroll Diagram and explain their findings.

As part of our Literacy topic ‘Act it Out’ we became costume designers.

180 Challenge. P4M had great fun completing 6 different activities 30 times each. We raised lots of money in support of Cancer Fund for Children.

Week one of Forest School. We loved exploring the area again and working in our groups to create a plan of the area using natural materials.

Using commas in list sentences

Excellent work on tables

Recognising 2 digit numbers using Clap Click

Fun on the Trim Trail

Enjoying PE outside

“Act it Out” is our literacy focus from Wordsmith. We all really enjoyed working in groups and taking on character roles thinking about our body language and facial expressions.

We watched a video by Picture Play Books that explained how to act out a story. We thought about the characters, props and dialogue.

We enjoyed rolling a tens dice and then subtracting a multiple of ten from a 2 digit number

Well done to the boys and girls who are P4M class representatives for School Council, Eco Council and Digital Leaders ⭐️😊

Great morning outside for a special assembly. We all enjoyed singing and performing actions to the song.

We loved finding out about a playscript. Lots of budding actors and actresses who enjoyed showing their actions.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo is well known for painting portraits of people made out of different types of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

Singing and clapping the beat to Slowly slowly walks my Grandad

Add ed, ing and er to root words

Using dienes apparatus to understand tens and units

Thoroughly enjoying time on the Trim Trail

Action verbs ......I can

Enjoying mental maths on Induction Day