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Term 1

Forest School: We made thick oozy mud paint and used sticks to mark make and windfall apples to print! Look at our beautiful collaborative forest art!

Betty and Bertha came to visit us in school! We learnt all about how to look after chickens and then used their yummy eggs to make scrambled egg! Thank you to Hollie’s Auntie Chloe, Dawn and mummy! 🐔🐔

Language and Literacy: We enjoyed sharing the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ together. Afterwards, we were able to sequence the story!

Mrs Cartmill and Walt came to visit. They showed us a video of their orchard and kindly gave us all a Bradley apple to bring home! Thank you Mrs Cartmill! 🍏

Mathematics and Numeracy: All about number 3!

Forest School: We went for a 2D shape hunt! We found squares, circles, rectangles and triangles!

Terrific two! We love learning about new numbers in Mathematics and Numeracy.

Language and Literacy: We made and wrote our first sentence! It has three words, finger spaces and a full stop!

We had great fun walking and star jumping 180 times for Rory and Theo! ⭐️

We have been learning all about number 1!

We have been practising our scissor skills! Snip snip! ✂️

Learning through Play: The children in P1 have had a wonderful first week in school! They have been trying new things, getting creative, building, taking on roles and being creative. The boys and girls have settled so well. They have made lots of new friends and are practising being kind! We are looking forward to using our outdoor area when the builders have finished the new door!

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Language and Literacy in Forest School: We read ‘Noisy Farm’ and then listened for environmental sounds in the forest! We also had fun exploring the forest. 🌲🌲🌲

Mathematics and Numeracy: We used five frames to compare amounts without counting! Who has more? Who has fewer?

Language and Literacy: We have been practising our fine motor skills and pincer grip, getting our fingers ready to hold a pencil!

Mathematics and Numeracy: We made a biscuit for each child in our class, with one sweet on each biscuit! This helped us to develop our understanding of one-to-one correspondence. Yum yum!

Mathematics and Numeracy: We practised one-to-one matching!

Mathematics and Numeracy: We have been making sets and sorting for one criterion!

Language and Literacy: We have been listening to lots of stories and practising our talking and listening with our friends!