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Preparing Pathways to Fulfilling Dreams

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Estimating pom-poms

Solving the problems to free the aliens.

We are learning about odd and even numbers. We met ODD TODD and EVEN STEVEN.

Space Challenges!

Counting & Comparing Amounts of Money

NSPCC Number Day 2018


We weighed toys to find out the heaveist and lightest. We found out that wooden toys were the heaviest, metal were in the middle and plastic were lightest.

Lego Adding Fun

Practical Maths activities

Adding Fun!

Elf Adding Machines

We made paper chain decorations.  We recorded the story under our paper chains.  We think they make great Christmas decorations!

We used large dominoes to help us tell adding stories. We enjoy working with counting beads and working in pairs.

Practical Maths

We made fantastic animals with our 2d shapes.

We worked in pairs to choose a number and draw that amount of spots.

Looking at 2d shapes.

Busy sorting numbers on our first day back!