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Meet our Numeracy Genius for Februarylaugh

Today is Number Day.

We having busy learning more about number by playing games.

This is our Numeracy Genius for January!

Well doneno

IZAK 9 mail

'IZAK 9 is a unique radical and innovative maths resource. Children love to learn through play and using the IZAK 9 concept, it challenges, encourages, stretches and nourishes confidence and competence'

'Abacus' and 'Helix' are two droids that deliver IZAK 9 from the interactive whiteboard. Children work together in small group,s using real cubes to solve number, algebra, data and shape /space problems posed, which develop ideas and create tasks and questions of their own.


Our class using the IZAK 9 cubes

Mr Collins' P6 class carried out a maths investigation to see if by measuring two different trees, there was a relation between the distance around the trunk and the size of the leaves.


  • We measured the distance around the trunk of each tree.
  • We also selected 20 leaves from each tree to firstly estimate the area and then accurately measured the area on squared paper mail