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Shared Education

Shared Education P4M

with St Patrick's Primary School

Continuing the success of the Shared Education programme last year both schools met on Thursday 10th October to strengthen their partnership with the Primary 4 children.  We met in Richhill Recreation Centre to begin our 7 week programme which involves cultural dance and ICT.  

Week 2 of Shared Education took us to the AMMA Centre in Armagh to work on a World War 2 ICT project.  We used Scratch Junior coding app to create a levelled game.  We were able to take photos of our wonderful backgrounds each school had painted. We enjoyed creating sprites and learning new coding skills.

We met in Richhill Recreation Centre on Thursday 7th November for dancing with All Set

Great fun in a WW2 themed PE lesson in St Patrick’s.

Great fun making WW2 paper planes with different thicknesses of paper and investigating which flew furthest.

Collaborative WW2 art on the Blitz, the countryside and VE Day.

Collaborating using GSuite with St Patrick’s.

We all dressed up as evacuees for our Shared Education day on Thursday 21st November.

Using Green Screen with our partner.  We took a photo then we used an appropriate WW2 background and placed ourselves in it using the Do Ink app.

Mrs Smith taught us how to use Pic Collage.  We enjoyed taking photos and adding pictures and comments.  We found it useful to work together and talk about our Shared Education project.

We had great fun fighting it out with the spheros in an Allied versus Axis Powers battle.

Having fun with each other.

On Thursday 28th November we returned to the AMMA Centre to finish our Scratch Junior projects. We also had a battle with the spheros. We all had a great time and a big thanks to all the staff for teaching us lots of new things. 

Our last day together was on Thursday 5th December.  We had a super day showing family and friends our work and we demonstrated dances that we had learnt with All Set.

We had super fun dancing with each other and it was great

to teach the adults how to dance!