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World Around Us

We are learning about teeth and the dentist.  It is great fun pretending to be the dentist.  Remember to brush your teeth twice a day!

We worked in groups to sort safe and unsafe places to cross.

Keeping Safe

We are learning about Keeping Safe.  Mrs McNally, the School Crossing Patrol Lady came to visit us.  She told us about wearing bright clothes to 'Be Safe, Be Seen'.  Did you know that yellow is the best colour to wear in the dark mornings and at night.  We also looked at REFLECTIVE objects, can you find anything reflective at home?  Mrs McNally keeps something in her pocket, can you remember what it is for?

We worked in groups to sort foods into healthy food and food we should only eat occasionally.

Our trip to Farm Fresh.

Plant or animal food sorting!

We are looking for signs of Autumn.  We found some blackberries in the school hedgerow.smiley