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Term 2b

Happy Easter! The Easter bunny left eggs in the forest and we had a sunny play at the park!

WAU: Our beanstalks are the tallest! They needed water, sunlight and warmth to grow!

March through March: We hid painted stones in the park! I wonder if you have spotted any of them? 👀

Forest School: We worked together to read the recipe the Fairy Godmother left us! Would you like to try our mud soup?! 🥣

Literacy: We hunted for sounds in the fort and used them to build CVC words! 👂

Numeracy: we used different methods to investigate ways to make 10! 🔟

Today Mr Willis arrived in Forest School to see P1! He had exchanged his dog for magic beans! We have planted them and are excited to watch them grow! We even decided to make posters to find the dog! 🌲🐶

Phonics: learning about the “qu” sound by pretending we were queens! 👑

Numeracy: measuring by comparison, using the Giant’s foot and Jack’s foot. We practised using the mathematical language, “longer than” and “shorter than”. 🦶

Learning through Play 🌈

Welcome back, P1! We are so happy that we can all learn and play together again! 🎉🥰