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Welcome to P5G's Numeracy page!

Here you can see what P5G are doing in Numeracy;

  • Car Park Investigation
  • Our Doors (Pictogram)
  • An Introduction to IZAK9
  • 2D Shape Investigation
  • 2D Shape Geo-strips

  • Fraction Dominoes

  • Classroom Measurements

  • Measuring Ourselves

  • Outdoor Measurements

Car Park Investigation - On Friday 16th September, P5G completed a numeracy investigation. The investigation involved using car number plates to answer questions about place value. Everyone had good fun learning more about place value and 4-digit numbers.

Our Doors - In September, P5G began to study the topic of Handling Data within Numeracy. We drew pictures of our own front doors and sorted them by colour. After we sorted them, we used them to create a pictogram. Look at the pictures below to see how we got on!

An Introduction to IZAK9 - On Thursday 13th October, P5G used IZAK9. IZAK9 is a large cube, which is made up of 27 smaller cubes with numbers, shapes, fractions and percentages written on them. We had great fun using the one-digit numbers on the cubes to answer addition questions and multiplication problems.

2D Shape Investigation - On Monday 17th October the pupils of P5G completed a 2D Shape Investigation. Everyone enjoyed learning more about the different shapes, thinking about the different properties of each shape. The shapes we looked at were a circle, oval, semi-circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon and an octagon.

2D Shape Geo-strips - On Friday 21st October, we constructed 2D shapes using geo-strips. We made triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons and octagons. Everyone did a very good job and we all really enjoyed making the shapes.

Fraction Dominoes - As part of out "fractions" topic in Numeracy, the boys and girls of P5G used "fraction dominoes". Everyone had good fun and knew their fractions really well!

Classroom Measurements - The pupils of P5G had great fun measuring the length of different objects in our classroom. We estimated the length and then used measuring tools to measure the actual length. Take a look at some of our measuring.

Measuring Ourselves - As part of our measuring topic, we looked at measuring ourselves. We worked in pairs to measure ourselves using tape measures, rulers and metre sticks. We also traced around our feet and measured our foot length and width.

Outdoor Measurements - On a sunny Friday morning, the pupils of P5G used trundle wheels to do some measuring outside. We worked well in our groups and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!