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April/May's Award for Literacy Star!

April/May's Award for Numeracy Genius!

April/May's Award for ICT Wizard!

April/May's Award for Helpfulness and Good Manners!

Ready to Read? 

   As part of our celebrations for World Book Day, P6/7C have been looking at the works of famous authors in Literature such as William Shakespeare and were able to visit the Book Fair held in school. On World Book Day, the school celebrated with the older classes pairing up with the younger classes in school and taking time to read to them. The class all enjoyed being able to spend time and read with the younger children. 

The Good Samaritan 

   P6/7C were asked to lead a school assembly and decided to base it around the story of 'The Good Samaritan', a topic they had enjoyed greatly in R.E. After learning their lines and putting plenty of enthusiasm into their rehearsals, the class really enjoyed performing in front of the school. There were even cries of 'encore' heard from the back of the hall! 

February's Award for Literacy Star!

February's Award for Numeracy Genius! 

February's Award for ICT Wizard!

February's Award for Helpfulness and Good Manners!

Everybody Active Fun Day at the Recreation Centre.

   The local council recently put together a day filled with different styles of exercise to show pupils the different types of exercises they can do and how enjoyable exercise can be! The whole school got involved with each class having their own session with the instructors. P6/7C had a great day, take a look at our photos to see.

Januarys Award for Literacy Star!

Januarys Award for Numeracy Genius!

Januarys Award for ICT Wizard!

Januarys Award for Helpfulness and Good Manners!

Decembers Award for Literacy Star!

Decembers Award for Numeracy Genius!

Decembers Award for ICT Wizard!

Decembers Award for Helpfulness and Good Manners!

Novembers Award for Literacy Star!

Novembers Award for Numeracy Genius!

Novembers Award for ICT Wizard!

Novembers Award for Helpfulness and Good Manners!


Octobers Award for Literacy Star!

Octobers Award for Numeracy Genius!

Octobers Award for ICT Wizard!

Octobers Award for Helpfulness and Good Manners!

Septembers Award for Numeracy Genius!

Septembers Award for ICT Wizard!

Septembers Award for Helpfulness and Good Manners!