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Car Park Conundrum


On Friday 15th September, the pupils of P5G took to the great outdoors ... our school car park! We used the number plates of the cars to complete a problem-solving investigation on place value.

IZAK9 - An Introduction and Multiples of 3


On Thursday 28th September, we were introduced to IZAK9. IZAK9 is a resource which can be used to complete a variety of mathematical problem solving activities. We looked at how many cubes made up IZAK9 (3 X 3 X 3 = 27) and then we identified and ordered the multiples of 3, making "Multiple of 3 Walls". Everyone enjoyed working with this fun resource.

Investigating our multiplication tables using Unifix cubes


We have been investigating our multiplication tables using Unifix cubes. Take a look at some of our work.

Addition Games using Heinemann Active Maths


As part of our addition topic, we have been using Heinemann Active Maths to play some addition games on the interactive whiteboard. We had fun putting our addition knowledge into practice.

Addition Dice Game


As part of the addition topic, Primary Five played an addition game using dice. Everyone enjoyed the competition and completed excellent addition work.

Fraction Games using Heinemann Active Maths


We have been continuing to use Heinemann Active Maths on the Interactive Whiteboard. Through the month of January we completed fraction games. Here are some of our P5 mathematicians in action!

Using Practical Mental Maths Resources


In P5G, we enjoy using practical resources to help us with our mental maths.

Number Day


On Friday 2nd March, Hardy Memorial celebrated the annual NSPCC Number Day. P5G really enjoyed playing a variety of fun Numeracy games.

Place Value - Decimals


In P5 we have been learning about decimal numbers. We have been looking at the value of digits within decimal numbers.