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Outdoor water play: after today's outdoor play, we can safely say that Richhill will have plenty of plumbers in the future! The boys and girls showed great skill and creativity in putting together the water channels, tubing and pipes to make water runs. The best thing is that while the children were having great fun, they were also practising valuable skills such as problem-solving, negotiating, persevering, resolving conflict, desribing and predicting. These terrific children make us proud every day!

Green fingers! We enjoyed planting herbs, flowers and vegetables today in our nursery gardening trolley. Now we need sunshine and rain to make them grow!

Our afternoon class had an amazing time in our temporary 'nursery' in the assembly hall. We had twin birthday girls today too!

Fun in our new 'nursery' in the assembly hall! The morning class had a brilliant morning playing in our temporary classroom - they coped amazingly well with the change of surroundings. Well done, boys and girls!

We welcomed Dr Menary back to our afternoon class to look after some more sick teddies. There were a lot of tummyaches, and a few bears who had bumped knees and heads! We are so glad that Dr Menary used all her doctor equipment to make them all better! Lots of cuddles needed over the next few days! Thanks so much, Dr Menary!

Dr Menary came into our morning class to run our teddy bears' clinic: there were a lot of teddies with sore heads, sore ears and a few with chickenpox. Luckily, Dr Menary was able to make them all better and has prescribed lots of cuddles over the next few days! Thank you Dr Menary for doing this for us.

We had a visit from Mark, the paramedic, who showed us his ambulance and told us about his job.

Mark, the paramedic, brought his ambulance to school today. We got to look at all the medical equipment and learn a little about the job of a paramedic.

Rhythm and rhyme time with the afternoon class at Richhill Library

As part of our People who Help Us topic, the boys and girls in the afternoon were great trainees in our firefighter training at PE!

To fit in with our People Who Help Us topic, we used the large apparatus to do some 'firefighter training': we had some amazing firefighters in the morning class!

We did an adventure-themed obstacle course in PE. We climbed up, crawled under, went through, balanced and jumped! Excuse some of the blurry photos: action shots!

We did an adventure-themed obstacle course in PE. We climbed up, crawled under, went through, balanced and jumped! Excuse some of the blurry photos: action shots!

We enjoyed parachute games with nursery rhymes in PE time.

The afternoon class loved looking for signs of Autumn on our walk

The children in the morning class loved our Autumn walk!

Planting a herb pot (PM Class). We planted chives, thyme and mint

Planting a herb pot (AM Class). They smelled very strong!

Week 4 intake: our afternoon class is now complete

Week 4 intake pictures: our morning class is now complete!

Week 3 intake: afternoon class. Settling in

Week 3 intake: morning class. Settling in

Week 2 intake (PM Class): Busy boys and girls!

Week 2 intake (Morning class): We are having fun!

Early days in nursery: week one intake (afternoon class). Nursery is fun!

Early days in nursery:Week one intake (morning class). We are very busy boys and girls!