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Activity Based Learning- Celebrations (Week 2)

Numeracy (Financial Capability Week) We explored, planned and used a budget this week. There were lots of opportunities to discuss budgets and choices you might make. We even discussed our choices when we returned to school using our receipts. We loved visiting SuperValu! Thanks to all the staff who looked after the pupils so well. 

Activity Based Learning- Celebrations (Week 1)

WAU- As part of our Celebrations topic we have discussed Diwali. It is an important Hindu festival that is celebrated in India. We watched an interesting video about this Festival. 

Ditch the Dark Day!

Literacy- We wrote questions that would help us to find out about life in Space. We learnt lots of interesting information about how people adjust to life in Space. There were some very funny facts too! 

Numeracy- we used money games to develop our understanding of coins and how to add money correctly. We had lots of fun! 

Literacy- we matched the word to the correct meaning. We have been discussing features of a non-fiction text. This has included the glossary, content and index pages. 

WAU- We are beginning to explore Celebrations as part of our new WAU topic. We have discussed a range of Celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter. 

Literacy- we discussed unusual places to live in the world. Pupils recorded positive and negative information about the different locations. There were excellent ideas recorded. Our new Wordsmith text is 'There's No Place Like Home'. Pupils are very excited to find out more information about these unusual places where people live.