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We are super at using our counters to learn about dividing.
We discussed who would go up and who would be down on a seesaw.
Great fun finding the weight of Mrs McClughan's shopping. Was it more than, less than or about 1kg? Was it more than, less than or about half a kg?
Using bar modelling to find half of a number.
Focusing on dates that occur in February by reading clues.  There was great competition to see who could place all their counters first!

Happy New Year! Working out how the month of a January looks on a calendar!

Working out change by counting on

Working together to spend within a budget

Money, money, money!

Financial capability week.  We enjoyed hearing all about money, borrowing and savings from the Danske Bank.  


We thoroughly enjoyed completing the activities and especially planning our bedroom with a budget of £500.


We completed activities on ‘Needs & Wants’.


In our groups we played a game called ‘Take Your Pick’’.  We had to make a group decision on which activity to choose.  It involved statements, would you spend more or spend less.

Working together to create a table in problem solving

Building up a 3 digit number

Making maths practical by rounding

distances on road signs in our environment.

Distance rounded to the nearest 10 - Armagh to Enniskillen is 83km


We love playing games from ActiveLearn to

reinforce maths concepts. Sometimes things get very competitive and lots of fun.

Full House - Rounding to the nearest 10