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November: Nursery Rhymes

Our first shared education day went so well! It was lovely to play with our new friends from College Farm Nursery in our classroom, and Bubba certainly kept us all on our toes in the hall! Such a wonderful group of children: we are very proud of them all!

Some more photos from our shared education day. Thank you to Mrs Quinn, Mrs Bailie, Mrs Rowland and Mrs Adair who helped out.

The afternoon class also made models inspired by the “My Digger is Bigger" story:they made spaceships, pirate ships, cars, buses, planes and helicopters.

One of our favourite stories at the minute in nursery is "My Digger is Bigger". The morning class used the junk materials to recreate some of vehicles in the story: cars, vans, diggers, lorries, buses and rockets!

Who knew science could taste so good! Mrs O'Neill got her baking bowl out again so the afternoon class could make some star shortbread too. Cookery in nursery lets the children explore measuring and weighing and prompts discussion about different types of ingredients. It also tastes yummy!

Lots of star bakers today! Mrs O'Neill helped the boys and girls in the morning class make some delicious star shortbread! We looked at the ingredients, talked about where they come from and how they change when we mix and cook them.

Parachute fun at PE: the afternoon class did great listening, followed all instructions and took part in all the games so well! Great job, everyone!

Parachute fun in PE: the morning class were fantastic at listening, following instructions and working as a team! Well done, everyone!