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Working out if statements are to do with weather or if they are about the climate.
Pancake Tuesday! Miss Baird and Mrs Armstrong helped us make yummy pancakes!
Using Collaborate Ultra to communicate with our P4 friends in St Patrick's Primary School. We voted on our favourite book characters in preparation for World Book Day. We then used a shared whiteboard to reveal the top four characters one at a time from each school in reverse order! We were so excited and amazed at what we all voted for. It was super fun working together and thinking of appropriate adjectives to describe each character.
Stick Stars week 4. Well done to the ‘Players of the week’ & the ‘Player of the month’.
Valentine's Day! ❤️
Stick Stars week 3. Well done to the 'Players of the Week'.

Stick Stars with Christine Russell - Week 2

Great fun!

On Friday 17th January P4M visited Palace Stables, Armagh to conclude their WW2 topic. Everyone had a great day dressing up as an evacuee.  They loved creating labels and Identity Cards. They met an American GI and were checked out for rickets.  It was a super day but they were all glad to return to their own homes that night!

Week 1 Stick Stars with Christine Russell. We loved the numbers game!

Thank you to the PTA for a fabulous Christmas Party

Christmas Art

We used Collaborate Ultra a real time video-conferencing tool to communicate with our friends in St Patrick’s, Armagh.  

We shared our World War 2 evacuee letters.

Well done to P4M who led assembly this morning.  Everyone spoke out well and there was fantastic acting in the sketch.

Online collaboration with St Patrick’s Primary School using GSuite

Week 4 of Shared Education at St Patrick’s Primary School.

Testing out our WW2 planes.

Super fun in our WW2 themed PE lesson

Great WW2 collaborative art on the Blitz, the countryside and VE Day.

We loved our 3rd visit from baby Meg. The theme was ‘Caring & Sharing’

A super morning at Armagh County Museum finding out about WW2

All Set dance on week 3 of Shared Education

Using only our sense of smell proved very difficult for some but it was great fun!  There were some wild things suggested for the mouthwash and the honey but it was inevitable that most knew the red sauce!

Feel Good Friday

To end our Wellbeing week we celebrated with a Big Family Workout and Colour Run.  Thank you to Healthy Kidz for 10 fantastic workout stations and a well organised Colour Run.  It was great to see so many family and friends supporting us and even joining in the Colour Run.


Take Care Thursday

P4 had a special visit from a firefighter 

Wandering Wild

Amy taught us about campfires. We discussed how fires need fuel, oxygen and heat.  She showed us how to make willow charcoal.  First she took the leaves off the branches then she cut it into rods.  She placed it in a tin with a hole in the lid. The tin was placed in the fire and left to steam.  She removed the tin from the fire when the steam stopped showing.  We are looking forward to drawing pictures with the willow charcoal.

Willow charcoal for us to draw with

Think Fit Tuesday

We all enjoyed the 5 Minute Movers sessions with Joe Wicks taken by Mrs Logan!

She certainly put us through our paces but it was great fun!

P4 were able to join a Shared Education Google Classroom with St Patrick’s Primary School. They completed a ‘Poll’ on a Google Form.  We now know more about Mrs Smith’s P4 in St Patrick’s before we meet up with them on Thursday 10th October. 

Well Being Week

Mindful Monday .... P2 connected with P4

Golden time on Friday

Enjoying time on the iPads

Fun times in PE