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Nursery / P1 Admissions Sept 2020

Applying for a Pre-School or Primary 1 Place for Your Child for September 2020


The Citizen Portal (portal) will open at 12.00 noon on Tuesday 7 January 2020 for online applications for admission to Pre-school or Primary 1 in September 2020.


The Portal closes at 12.00 noon on Thursday 30 January 2020. Available 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.



Read the admissions criteria of Hardy Memorial PS and / or Nursery Unit


Click on Citizen Portal at:

New users can make an online application using the School Admissions Citizen Portal and following steps 1-5 below.

Users who previously registered on the Portal in 2019/20 can access their account withthe same logon details, click on ‘My family’ and follow steps 2-5 below.


STEP 1: Online Registration

To access the citizen portal you must first register your details. The following information is required:-

  • Your e-mail

  • Create a memorable password (must have minimum of 10 characters including upper

    and lowercase letters, 2 numbers and a special character i.e. * ! > etc.)

  • Your name, address and telephone contact details

  • Confirm you have read the Data Protection statement


  1. Register your details, click on the link which will be emailed to you and login.

  2. Add details of the child/children for whom you wish to make an application for in ‘My


  3. Make application via ‘Apply for a Pre-school/School place’.

  4. Submit your application.

  5. You can make changes to your application and re-submit before the deadline at 12:00

    noon on 30th January 2020.


What happens next?

At the end of the registration you will receive an email containing the link to take you to the Citizen Portal login screen

Log in with your registered email address and password


STEP 2: Adding Your Child’s Details

Before an application can be completed you must now enter your child’s details by clicking the ‘My Family’ button.

  •   Add child’s name and date of birth as per birth certificate – the DOB will determine if your child is pre-school or primary age.

  •   Add pre-school currently attended – if none select ‘None’ from the drop down menu –this will be the option if you are applying for an underage pre-school place. Should the pre-school attended by your child not appear on the drop down list select ‘Pre- School not listed’.

    Add your child’s address (must be address where child is resident)Complete parental/legal responsibility details

    Click ‘add child’

    What happens next?

    At the end of adding your child’s details, click on ‘Home’ to return to the Citizen Portal to start an application


STEP 3: Making Your Application

Select ‘Apply for a Pre-school/School’ button to start the application. Your child’s nameand date of birth will appear

  • Select ‘start new application’

  • Select Primary or Pre-school intake as appropriate

  • Confirm current Pre-school

  • Complete the responses to questions presented re social disadvantage (pre-school only) and

    eldest/only child

  • Search for school you wish to apply for by name or postcode TIP- use part name i.e.

    Hardy ..

  • The order of preference may affect your child’s eligibility for transport assistance - you can check if your child is eligible for transport assistance (not applicable to pre-school) at:-

  • If you apply to a Nursery School with Full-time and Part-time places, this school is available as both a Full-time and a Part-time preference, you will be asked if you wish to list the school twice.


  • Legislation requires Pre-school providers to give priority to children in their final pre-school year who are from socially disadvantaged circumstances.

    SOCIAL DISADVANTAGE (pre-school only)

  • If applying for pre-school – please confirm re socially disadvantaged circumstances e.g. in receipt of Income Support or Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or Universal Credit or in some cases Employment Support Allowance.

  • For information regarding eligibility and to download a form visit

  • You must complete the form and bring it to your local social security/jobs and benefits office for stamping/verification. You should then take or send your completed form to your first preference provider to be received no later than 12.00 noon on 7 February 2020

  • The benefit verification form is also available from your local social security/jobs and benefits office, any pre-school provider or from the Education Authority Pre-School Admissions office.



• Detail any preference reasons – ensure you indicate how your child meets the admissions criteria of each pre-school(s) or primary school(s) you list as a preference (e.g. indicate if sibling currently attending).
• You will now see the pre-school/primary school you have chosen to list as your 1st preference.

• You can add further preferences following the same steps and you can change the order of your preferences. REMEMBER – it is recommended that you list at least four preferences to maximise your child’s chances of being offered a place.

What happens next?

  • You have now completed your application ready for submissionSTEP 4: Submitting Your Application

  • You can now preview the application form by selecting ‘Preview Application’. Please check that all your child’s details are accurate and preferences are appearing in the correct order You should also ensure that you have detailed how your child meets the admissions criteria for each pre-school/primary school you have applied to

  • Read carefully the Terms & Conditions and the Data Protection information

  • You can save your application by selecting ‘Return Later’, you will be directed back to the

    School Places page, and ‘Application started but not yet submitted’ will appear beside yourchild’s details

    If you decide to return later REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION BY 12.00 NOON ON 30 JANUARY 2020

  • Having previewed your application if you are satisfied that all information is correct, tick the box in ‘Submit your Application’ and select ‘Submit Now’

  • An email will be sent to the email address you provided to confirm receipt of application and the pre-school/primary school(s) applied to in order of preference

  • If you do not receive this confirmation you should telephone the EA’s Admission Helpdesk - (028) 9598 5595

  • What happens next?

  • To preview the submitted information select ‘preview’. PLEASE ENSURE THAT you bringyour child’s birth certificate and any other verifying documents required by ALL pre- school(s)/primary school(s) listed on your application to the first preference setting NO



STEP 5: Changing Your Application

You can change your application after submission but before the closing date of 12.00 noon on 30 January 2020.

  1. Log onto the Citizen Portal.

  2. Select apply for a Pre-school/School place - you will see the details of the child/children you

    have submitted an application for with the option to view/change application.

  3. Select ‘change application’.

4. Select ‘continue’ to confirm you wish to change your application. REMEMBER once

confirmed you are changing your application your original application is no longer valid and you must REMEMBER TO SUBMIT your application after you have changed it.

To change your preferences or order of preferences:

(a) At child’s current ‘preschool/school’ screen click next.
(b)Select ‘Next’ at ‘Additional Information’.
(c) You are now in ‘Preferred Pre-school(s)/School(s)’ screen.
(d) To change order of preference use the arrows or select ‘Edit/Remove’ to

change preferences.
(e)To add a new preference select ‘add another preference’.
(f) When you are happy with the order and choice of preferences listed on your application,

select ‘Next’.
(g)Your application is now ready to be re-submitted, select ‘submit now’.(h)You will get an email confirming that your application has been re-submitted.

To change applicant/child’s address:

  1. Log onto the Citizen Portal and select ‘My Account’.

  2. Click on ‘Contact details’ and select ‘change address’.

  3. Enter the postcode of the new address, search and select address from drop down list and


  4. ‘Update Addresses for Children’ box appears. Tick child/ children you wish to change

    address for and ‘Update’.

  5. The ‘change of personal details’ screen confirms your changes have been saved.


To change DOB:-

1. Log onto the Citizen Portal and select ‘My Family’.

2. Click on your child’s name
3. Select ‘date of birth’ and enter new details
4. Click on ‘save child’ to save new date of birth details
5. The ‘change of personal details’ screen confirms your changes have been saved.

NB If an application had been submitted you will get an email confirming that your application has been re-submitted. However, changes to address or DOB made after submitting your online application MUST be notified to the Education Authority to ensure your child’s application is correctly processed

Changes possible up to 12 noon 30 January 2020

 Please bring your child’s birth certificate and any other verifying documents required by ALLpre-school(s)/primary school(s) listed on your application to your first preference setting by12.00 noon on Friday 7 February 2020 if you have not already done so


What happens next?

A letter will be posted to you on Tuesday 28 April 2020 (for receipt on Wednesday 29 April 2020) to advise you of the outcome of your application (applicable pre-school (target age) and primary 1 admissions).

Pre-School (underage) applications will be processed in Stage 2 which commences on 29 April 2020 and a letter will be posted to you on Monday 8 June 2020 (for receipt on Tuesday 9 June 2020) to advise you of the outcome of your application.

If you need help contact your local pre-school or primary school. For further assistance telephone the Admissions Helpdesk 028 9598 5595